The #1 AI Investor in the world just announced....

Between now and September 5th
AI's second wave will open a short "Profit Period"
where early investors to get in on a $25.6 trillion revolution

AI could generate $25.6 trillion in new wealth. 

But chances are you won’t see any of it …

Unless you understand the secret behind this pattern.

Every time it’s appeared …

For the last 244 years …

It’s given everyday Americans a shot to get rich

Imagine turning $1,000 into $145,000 … 

$300,000 …

Even $2.6 million…

In just a few short years.

Those are actual examples…

Real trades made by real people, thanks to this pattern.

Normally, those kinds of returns are restricted to private investors in early-stage start-ups …

But these trades can be made by anyone.

And in many cases, you can get in for $100 or less.

That’s the power of this little-known pattern.

And today, I’m going to show you exactly how it works.

You’ll discover why this pattern has repeated so predictably, time and time again, for 244 years.

You’ll find out why this pattern is happening NOW …

And how to use it to spot hidden opportunities even Wall Street insiders miss.

Simple trades that could go up 10, 20, even 50 times in the next few years.

You’ll also see how this pattern could make the technology driving the AI revolution obsolete by 2025 – next year.

When that happens, the AI bubble will pop. 

Just like the last tech bubble, high-flying stocks like Taiwan Semiconductor… 


Even Amazon …

Will plummet.

And the rest of the market will follow.

Just like the last Tech Bubble.

Millions of Main Street investors will get caught in the crossfire.

But when you know the secret behind this 244-year-old pattern, you have the chance to protect your money — and even profit

Because the second part of this pattern …

The massive surge you see right here…

Follows soon after.

If my research is correct—in as little as 90 days.

As you can see, that second wave is exponentially larger than the first.

So if you missed out on first-wave AI stocks like Nvidia … C3ai… or Super Micro …

Don’t worry. Because…

The Second Wave could be your second chance to make your fortune

Every time this second wave appears, it gives everyday Americans a chance to get rich.

Because every second wave in history creates a singularity.

A moment in time that changes the world forever.

And I believe this second wave is no different… 

With one exception:

The coming Second Wave will create more new millionaires than any other in history.

Because when it hits, it will unleash the full potential of the AI revolution … 

And create an unprecedented amount of new wealth:

According to McKinsey, a mind-blowing $25.6 trillion per year.

Making this, by far, the biggest Second Wave ever.

And when you know how this pattern works, you get to claim your share.

Hi, my name is Dylan Jovine. 

I started out on Wall Street in 1991.  

But unlike most Wall Street insiders, I didn’t grow up in Connecticut.

I didn’t go to a fancy private school.

And I didn’t get my job through country club connections.

I grew up in Queens, on food stamps, watching my mom struggle to get by.

No big Wall Street firm would hire me. I was too much of an outsider.

But I got my big break thanks to another Wall Street outsider, Peter Jaquith.

The investment banker who saved New York City from bankruptcy in the 1970s.

I soon discovered I had a talent for spotting stocks just before a big takeover.

Like US Reinsurance, which shot up 70% in 6 months…

Or Michigan National Bank, up 83.3% in 4 months…

Or Paramount, which skyrocketed 100% in 3 just months…

This was long before the bull market of the 1990s. For the time, those gains were astronomical.  

So in 1996, my clients bankrolled my own brokerage firm. 

And at 24, I became one of the youngest market makers in history.

I spent the next 5 years making millions for myself and my clients.

But despite my success, I never felt like part of Wall Street’s “inner circle.”

To them, I was still a blue-collar kid from Queens.

So I’d never be invited to join the club. 

And that was fine by me.

Because I’d seen how the sausage gets made.

And I was sick and tired of watching Wall Street take advantage of everyday Americans.

So I decided to level the playing field.

You see, I’d figured out…

How to find undervalued stocks
BEFORE the so-called “Smart Money”

And I started sharing those overlooked stocks.

First with my family and a few friends from the old neighborhood.

Their results were so good, I knew I had to get the word out.

So I founded a private research firm for Main Street investors.

And pretty soon, I got a reputation not only for my stock picks …

But for calling huge financial events before anyone else.

In fact, I predicted the 2008 market crash a year before it happened.

And when everyone on Wall Street was panicking…

I pinpointed the exact time to get back into the market.

If you’d followed my advice back then, you could have grabbed 235% on FactSet…

459% on AutoNation…

624% on American Express…

And 700% on Starbucks…

Just to name a few.

Now, I’m not telling you all of this to brag.  

I just want you to understand that I’ve been making my clients and subscribers money for over 30 years…

Whether the markets were up, down, or sideways.

So I know how to spot a hidden opportunity.

And right now, I’m tracking what could be …

The biggest profit opportunity
for Main Street investors – ever

Let me explain.

You see, I’m not just obsessed with stocks.  

I’m also a student of history, from ancient Rome … to medieval Europe … to the modern day.

So I know that history repeats itself, in predictable patterns, time and time again.

And right now, we’re seeing a key historical pattern in action.

A pattern that’s about to create a once-in-a-generation opportunity for regular Americans to get rich.

And it all starts right here.

Artificial Intelligence is being called the 4th Industrial Revolution.

And since 1780, every Industrial Revolution
has followed the same pattern

First, there’s a breakthrough technology.

This breakthrough creates the “First Wave” of the Industrial Revolution.

In the first Industrial Revolution, it was the steam engine.

The second, electricity.

The third, personal computers.

This time around, it’s AI.

And the same thing happens every time.

A flood of money pours into the breakthrough … 

An entire industry transforms almost overnight…

And early investors make a fortune.

But those First Wave profits are restricted to a small group of elites.

Regular people like you and me? We get shut out.

Until the Second Wave hits.

The Second Wave is triggered by a NEW breakthrough.

At first, it doesn’t seem like a big deal. 

In fact, the “experts” may even scoff at it.

But every time it happens …

For 244 years and counting

That Second Wave breakthrough creates a singularity.

A moment in time that changes the world forever.

Because it unlocks the full potential of the Industrial Revolution… 

And the opportunity for unprecedented wealth creation.

But unlike the First Wave…

These Second Wave opportunities are open to anyone …
and the profits can be life-changing.

Let me show you what I mean.

In 1780, the steam engine triggered the First Industrial Revolution.

That First Wave breakthrough transformed farming, textile manufacturing, and coal mining.

And a small group of elites made massive fortunes.  

But the average American didn’t get a dime. 

Until 1856.

When the Bessemer Process revolutionized the steel industry…

And unleashed the Second Wave.

Suddenly, instead of taking 12 hours to make a ton of steel …

It took just 20 minutes.

Steel production shot up 165 times.

What’s more, Bessemer steel was stronger … lighter … and cost almost 10 times less. 

The flood of high-quality steel sparked a railroad boom. 

Because now tracks could be laid over almost any terrain …

In less time …

For a fraction of the cost.

Railroads opened new markets across the US for everything from tools to building materials to clothes.

While slashing the time and cost of moving those goods.

Which led to an unprecedented economic boom.

But this time, the opportunity to get rich was open to anyone.

One German immigrant came to America with $20 in his pocket. 

Railroad stocks made him a multimillionaire in a few short years. 

Another average American turned his railroad investments into a $72 million fortune…

Worth about $2.8 billion today!

That’s the power of the Second Wave

A power that not only gives everyday Americans a shot to make their fortune …

But create generational wealth in a few short years.

In 1882, Thomas Edison opened the first electric plant in New York City.

His First Wave breakthrough sparked a new Industrial Revolution.

But just like before, the early profits went to a handful of wealthy investors.

The average American was left sitting on the sidelines.  

But that all changed in 1913, when Henry Ford invented the assembly line …

And triggered a NEW Second Wave.

Manufacturing time plummeted from 12 hours to just 90 minutes.

The price of a model T dropped by two-thirds.

And sales skyrocketed 700 times.

Almost every industry adopted Ford’s breakthrough.

And over the next two decades, America enjoyed the greatest economic boom in history.

Once again, millions of everyday Americans got a shot to get rich. 

General Motors stock shot up 2,688%.

RCA skyrocketed 30,000%.

And early investors in Ford made a mind-blowing 259,000%...

Enough to turn every $1,000 into $2.6 million.

But my research uncovered an interesting fact.

Every time this pattern appears …
The Second Wave becomes even more powerful

So it generates even MORE wealth …

And creates even more opportunities for Main Street investors.

Let’s look at one more example.

In 1977, the personal computer triggered a new First Wave.

Once again, elite insiders made a fortune.

One venture capitalist turned a $57,000 stake in Apple into $22 million…

In just three years.

But in 1993, the World Wide Web went public ...

Triggering the Internet boom...

And unleashing another Second Wave.

Just like before, millions of Americans got the chance to get rich.

$1,000 in Google would have grown to $58,000.

$1,000 in Netflix to almost $145,000.

$1,000 in Tesla to an incredible $255,000.

And $1,000 in Amazon would be worth a mind-blowing $1.6 MILLION.

If you got in and out of those stocks at the right time …

You could have turned $4,000 into $2,058,792.

And those are just a few examples.

The last Second Wave created more wealth than any other in history.

But the Second Wave of AI could be even BIGGER

AI is moving faster than any other Industrial Revolution in history.

And according to a recent McKinsey report, it could be worth $25.6 trillion per year.

ChatGPT triggered the First Wave in November 2022.

Which lead to massive gains in stocks like Nvidia …

Palantir …

C3ai …

And more.

But like always, the best investments are restricted to the elites.

For example, one early investor in OpenAI—the company behind ChatGPT—could make 22 times their money by the end of the year.

Those are the kind of profits First Wave investors can enjoy. 

And you and I will NEVER get a shot at them.

But I’m 100% OK with that. 

Because the Second Wave of AI is about to hit.  

When it does…

Main Street investors will see some of
the best investment opportunities in history

Remember, in every Industrial Revolution …

Going all the way back to 1780 …  

The Second Wave is exponentially larger than the first.

And it always brings incredible opportunities to regular Americans.

The Second Wave of AI will be no different.

In fact, the breakthrough I’m about to show you …

The weird technology that will trigger the Second Wave …

Has already delivered gains of 133% in 15 days…

496% in 10 weeks …

Plus 604% in 8 weeks.

And the Second Wave hasn’t even hit yet. 

Imagine knowing, back in 2021, that AI was about to change the world.

And which companies were most likely to profit.

That head start could have made you 734% on Nvidia … 

1,129% on MicroStrategy … 

And 3,161% on SuperMicro Computer.

That’s where we are right now…

In the calm before the storm.

Because the Second Wave could hit in the next 12 months – or less.

And right now…

I’m tracking three plays that could be
the next Nvidia, MicroStrategy, and SuperMicro

I’ll tell you all about them in a moment.

But first, I want to show you why I’m so sure the Second Wave will hit so soon …

And how this strange pattern can help you profit from it.

Remember, every Industrial Revolution follows the same pattern.

First, there’s a new breakthrough—in this case, AI.

Elite investors pour huge amounts of money into it …

And reap massive profits.

While everyone else settles for table scraps.

But that’s coming to an end.

Because right now, we’re here.

Just before that big drop.

When the high expectations and hype of the First Wave crash onto the cold, hard rocks of reality.

The warning signs are everywhere – if you know where to look.

Sequoia Capital estimates the tech industry sunk $50 billion into Artificial Intelligence last year. 

But AI has only generated $3 billion in revenue.

And $1.6 billion of that is from ChatGPT—a single app owned by a private company.

So Big Tech’s AI investments are roughly $47 billion in the red.

And things are only going to get worse.

You see, most of that $50 billion was spent on these:

That’s a GPU, a graphics processing unit… 

The chips that power the AI revolution.

They cost $40,000 each.

And big tech companies like Meta … Microsoft … Tesla … are happy to pay.

Because without these chips, AI can’t exist.

Which is why the share prices of companies that make them…

Like Nvidia and AMD … 

Have gone through the roof.

But there’s just one problem …

GPUs are about to become obsolete.

Because even though they’re essential to AI …

They’re also the #1 roadblock to unlocking its full potential. 

Let me explain.

Between 2012-2018, AI’s demand for computing power shot up 300,000 times.

Not 300 times.

Not 3,000 times.

300,000 times.

And that was before modern AI tools like ChatGPT.

When you take these into account, demands have increased by a factor of 10 billion

And we’re just getting warmed up.

Because AI’s demand for computing power doubles every six months. 

So in 12 months, it will go up roughly 400%. 

In 24 months, 1,600%. 

And by 2028, AI will need 25,500% more computing power than today!  


An immutable law of technology
makes meeting AI’s demands impossible

This law is responsible for every advance since 1965…

From transistor radios … to the first PCs … to smartphones … to AI.

It’s called Moore’s Law.

You might have heard of it before.

It was created in 1965 by Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel.

It states that the computing power of a microchip doubles every 18 months.

See the problem?

AI’s computing demands double every six months. 

But Moore’s Law can only double computing power every 18 months.

So there’s no way for today’s GPUs to keep up.

And Moore’s Law has been slowing down:

Today, it takes four years to double chip capacity.

In other words, the best GPUs won’t double their brainpower until 2028.

By that time, AI will need almost 2,600 times more power.

2,600 times!

So there’s no way GPUs can keep up with AI’s demands.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg …

Moore predicted his law would hit the “atomic limit” by 2025.

When that happens, even doubling the power of today’s GPUs will be impossible.

Let me explain.

GPUs cram billions of circuits onto a tiny silicon wafer.

These circuits are just 2 nanometers wide.

The same size as a strand of DNA.

To double a chip’s power, you have to double the number of circuits.

That means shrinking them to a single nanometer.

Just a few atoms wide.

But the laws of physics make that impossible.

Because at that tiny size, electricity becomes unpredictable.

Instead of flowing from circuit to circuit…

Electricity can jump from one to another with no warning.

Or switch circuits on and off randomly.

Or get stuck in an atom-sized logjam.

Making those 1-nanometer chips useless.

It’s called the “atomic limit.”

And it means there’s no way to even double the power of today’s chips.

Let alone match the demands of AI.

Because the laws of physics make it impossible.

Gordon Moore warned about the problem two decades ago…

And predicted we’d hit the “atomic limit”
no later than 2025

And that, when we do, it will be a disaster.

Physicist Stephen Hawking agreed with Moore.

As did a think tank of computer engineers from Harvard, Cal Tech, and MIT.

Once we hit the atomic limit …

Which could happen just months from today …

The AI revolution will come to a grinding halt

And Silicon Valley insiders have known about the problem for years.

In fact, the CEO of Nvidia recently admitted “Moore’s Law is dead.”

Which might be why company insiders recently sold off a record number of shares.

Not once … but twice… in just over a week.

And I suspect Wall Street knows about the problem, too.

When chipmaker TSMC said they’d miss production goals by a tiny margin…

The stock plummeted 7% a day.

Nvidia dropped 10%.

And SuperMicro went down a whopping 23%.

In just a few hours.

Look, I worked on Wall Street for almost two decades.

So I know how the sausage is made.

And that kind of selloff only happens for one reason:

Wall Street insiders know – or at least suspect – something big is coming.

Something that will tank the value of those high-flying AI stocks even more.

And they’re taking their profits while they still can.

Now, I’m not telling you to run out and sell everything right now.

But as you can see from this pattern …

That big drop is coming soon.

And based on Moore’s Law …

And the laws of physics…

It could happen by 2025.

Which is just months away.

When that drop hits, the markets will go haywire. 

The chaos will start with AI stocks like Nvidia.

And then spread to tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google in the blink of an eye.

Those stocks are responsible for the vast majority of stock market gains.

So we could see a very fast, very ugly correction.

Just like the Tech Bubble implosion in 2000.

Millions of Main Street investors could lose everything…
but it doesn’t have to happen to you

Because thanks to this pattern, you know what’s coming.

So this time, you won’t get left holding the bag.

More importantly, you’ll be ready for what’s next:

The biggest Second Wave in history.

Remember, every Second Wave creates even more wealth than the last.

And this one will be the granddaddy of them all…

Creating up to $25.6 trillion in wealth per year.

But with the GPUs powering AI about to become obsolete …

There’s only one way that prediction can come true:

The Second Wave breakthrough I’m going to tell you about today.

This breakthrough will unlock the full potential of the AI revolution…

And create a new generation of millionaires in record time.

Thanks to this breakthrough, the Second Wave will hit fast.

By my estimates, as little as 90 days after that big drop.

Because the First Wave of AI moved 4 times faster than any in history.

Which means that drop will happen fast, too.

As will the rebound.

And the Second Wave will hit right after, in as little as 90 days.

But I’m not just relying on history. You see …

The Second Wave breakthrough is already here ...
and it’s about to change the world forever.

Just like vacuum tubes were replaced by transistors …

And transistors were replaced by microchips …

This breakthrough will replace GPUs as the driving force behind AI.

It’s already 10 million times faster than the world’s fastest supercomputer.

And it can solve problems that would take a GPU-powered AI 600 million years …

In just 20 seconds.

But it’s about to get even more powerful.  

You see, unlike GPUs, this breakthrough isn’t constrained by Moore’s Law.

Instead of doubling computing power every four years …

This breakthrough could increase computing power 891 times. 

Which means it can not only meet AI’s insatiable demands …

But beat them. 

And unlike conventional GPUs…

Which are about to run headlong into the laws of physics …

This breakthrough turns those laws to its advantage.

By using the fundamental building blocks of the universe – atoms – to solve problems far beyond the ability of any “normal” AI.

So what is this Second Wave breakthrough?

Quantum computing.  

Or more specifically…

The convergence of quantum computing and AI.

Just like the Bessemer process  …

Ford’s assembly line …

And the World Wide Web …

This convergence will create a singularity – a moment in time that changes the world forever.

And unleash the full potential of the AI Revolution.

Triggering the greatest economic boom in human history…

Along with an unprecedented number of opportunities for Main Street investors.

And it’s all thanks to this:

That’s a qubit.

It’s why quantum chips are up to 10 million times faster than today’s GPUs.

And why they can not only keep up with AI’s power demands…

But blow them away.

You see, conventional computers – including AI – “think” in bits.

You can think of it like a bead.

Red for 1. Blue for zero.

Everything conventional computers do…

From sending an email …

Monitoring your car’s engine … 

Or playing a video like this one …

Is just a long string of red and blue beads.

Strings that, in the real world, would stretch for thousands—even millions—of miles.

But there’s just one problem.

Conventional computers—including AI— “think” by looking at every bead, one at a time.

That’s fine for everyday tasks. 

But when it comes to complex calculations …

The kind needed to make breakthroughs that will revolutionize everything from medicine to energy to national defense …

Today’s AI is trying to do
advanced calculus with an abacus

Sure, it’s possible—in theory.

But it would take forever.

In fact, the most complex problems—the real game-changers—would take a GPU-powered AI millions of years to solve.

But thanks to qubits, quantum computers solve those problems in seconds.

Because while a bit can only be 1 OR 0 … 

But a qubit can be 1 and 0 at the same time

Along with any number in between.

See those ripples?

Every point is a bit.  

But in real life, those ripples happen in all three dimensions.

So while a bit looks like this …

A qubit looks like this.

And while a bit can do ONE calculation at a time …

A qubit can do MILLIONS. 

And unlike bits …

The power of qubits is exponential.

Every time you add another qubit …
computing power doubles.

It’s like that old riddle:

Would you rather get a million dollars right now …

Or get a penny today… 

Two pennies tomorrow …

Four pennies the next day …

And so on, for a full month?

With the first option you get a million bucks.

But with the second, you get $5.3 million.

That’s the power of exponential growth.

And that’s what makes qubits—and quantum AI—so incredible.

Let me give you a real-world example. 

In 2020, IBM released a 65-qubit chip called Hummingbird.

In 2021, they created Eagle, with 127 qubits.

 In 2022, IBM developed Osprey, with 433 qubits.

Last year, IBM released Condor, with a mind-boggling 1,121 qubits. 

So instead of doubling in power every four years, like today’s GPUs…

Quantum chips got 17 times more powerful in just three years.

But that’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

IBM plans to release a new quantum computer with over 4,000 qubits in 2025.

That’s 62 times more computing power in just four years.

And remember, quantum computing power grows exponentially.

So now that we’ve passed the 1,000-qubit tipping point …

We could see even faster growth.

In fact, the head of Google’s AI lab expects to hit the million-cubit mark by 2029.

So quantum chips could go from 4,000 qubits in 2025 …

To one million in 2029.

A power increase of 891 times in 48 months.

But we don’t have to wait that long. Because …

The first generation of Quantum AI is already here.

Last spring, Intel started shipping a 12-qubit quantum AI chip to universities and military research labs. 

Google’s quantum computer solved a problem in 200 seconds that would take a normal computer 10,000 years.

But Google isn’t just making breakthroughs in the lab. Their cloud-based quantum AI tools are available to researchers right now.

Amazon is in the quantum AI cloud game too, with its Braket division offering scientists a full suite of tools they can use from any computer.  

And it’s not just Big Tech.

Wall Street is investing billions in quantum AI

2023 was a record-breaking year for private investment in quantum AI…

Including a $5.3 billion deal by JP Morgan.

And private investments are expected to grow 50% per year for the next five years.

On top of that…

The Federal government is pouring
$4.2 billion into quantum research

The Department of Defense is looking for an additional $700 million per year.

And that’s just what they’re willing to admit to publicly.

The top-secret federal agency DARPA is quietly funding cutting-edge quantum research at MIT, Harvard, and Caltech.

The dollar amount is strictly confidential. 

But past DARPA projects include GPS and the Internet…

Both of which changed the world.

So the payoff for those top-secret projects could be massive.

So we’ve got Big tech firms like Amazon, Google, IBM, and Intel…

Private equity firms and venture capitalists …

And the Federal government … 

Including secret black-box research labs like DARPA …

All pouring billions into Quantum AI.

This is exactly the kind of investment of time, energy, and money that triggered the First Wave of AI.

And gave early investors a shot to make huge gains.

Sometimes in a single day.

One AI start-up jumped 23%.

Another, 104%.

And one small AI stock rocketed 260%...

All in ONE day.

And the long-term gains could be even better.

Because the Second Wave hasn’t even hit yet!

But as you can see, everything is lining up right now.

And I’m 100% convinced …

The Second Wave of AI will hit

in the next 12 months … or less.

The Chief Technology Officer of Dell agrees.

In fact, he predicts the convergence of AI and quantum computing will happen this year…

And that Quantum AI could be a bigger revolution than AI itself.

So it’s not a question of IF the Quantum AI convergence will happen …

It’s a question of WHEN.

And all the evidence points to it happening soon…

Possibly within months.

And I’ve got my eye on three sectors with massive potential.

Sectors where Quantum AI is already being used to pioneer massive breakthroughs.

Like electric vehicles.

A major car company is using Quantum AI to develop a new type of battery…

That will make EVs charge faster … and run longer … 

While slashing production costs.

And this battery could not only transform the EV sector …

But wind, solar, and hydroelectric power as well.

That’s the kind of innovation that let early investors in Ford turn $1,000 into $2.6 million.

Quantum AI could also transform finance.

In fact, Goldman Sachs is using it right now to develop new trading tools.

Tools that could predict market moves months, even years in advance.

Allowing Goldman to spot the next Nvidia before anyone else.

Just one early-stage investment could make the firm billions …

And send the stock price through the roof.

But as big as the opportunities in EVs and finance are …

They’re nothing compared to what we could see in…

The ONE sector at ground zero

This sector has produced some of the biggest returns in recent history.

Returns that beat even the amazing gains we’ve seen in AI so far.

Like 850% …

1,336% …

Even a mind-boggling …

So what is this mysterious sector?


Medtech has the highest AI adoption rate of any industry.

3 out of 4 firms consider it a core component of their business.

That’s 5 times higher than the average.

And for a very good reason.

Conventional AI has dramatically accelerated the discovery of new drugs … gene-editing therapies … life-saving medical devices … and more.

And led to a record-breaking number of FDA approvals.

The amount of money at stake is staggering

The first obesity drug, Wegovy, sent NovoNordisk stock up 406%.

And competitors are scrambling to release their own.

Because Goldman Sachs expects obesity drugs to be worth $456 billion.

That’s ONE class of drugs … to address ONE condition.

I don’t have to tell you the potential here is massive.

In fact, an Nvidia executive recently told a group of Silicon Valley insiders that “The
next trillion-dollar [drug] company is out there”.

When Nvidia hit one trillion in market cap … shares skyrocketed.

But pharma is just one tiny part of the medtech sector.

So there’s not just one potential trillion-dollar company out there.

There could be three … five … even ten.

But there’s just one giant problem.

Medtech is pushing the limits of conventional AI

Limits that, thanks to Moore’s Law, can’t be pushed any farther...

Because today’s GPUs can’t handle the complex calculations needed.

Which is holding back dozens, even hundreds, of potential miracle cures.

Let me explain. 

To find a new drug, scientists use AI to create a 3-D model of a protein.

Then they tell the AI to find a receptor – a biological “lock” – on that protein.

Next, the AI runs millions of simulations to find a molecular “key.”

When it finds a key that fits, that’s a potential treatment.

But today’s AI can only take a “snapshot” of a protein.

Which means those 3-D models are static.

But in the real world, proteins change constantly.

Which means that biological “lock” not only moves around …

It changes shape.

On top of that, current AI struggles to find the right molecular key.

Because that requires mapping all the potential paths of every sub-atomic particle in a drug molecule.

Today’s AI just can’t handle those calculations.

The best it can do is make an educated guess.

Imagine a door where the lock moves and changes shape…
and you have to make the key blindfolded

That’s how GPU-powered AI finds a new drug.

So there’s a lot of trial-and-error…

A lot of false positives…

And a lot of very expensive mistakes. 

But Quantum AI can create digital twins that are like movies instead of snapshots.

These models move and change in real time, just like the actual protein.

So Quantum AI can spot biological “locks” regular AI could miss …

And zero in on the one with the best potential.

On top of that, the complex math of tracking sub-atomic particles is child’s play for Quantum AI.

So it can laser-cut a molecular key for a perfect fit.

All in a fraction of the time it takes conventional AI.

For example, it took Pfizer 15 months to develop the Covid treatment Plaxovid. 

But a quantum AI start-up created a new Covid drug in just 15 days. 

That’s 30 times faster.

So Quantum AI could create dozens of breakthrough cures in the time it takes conventional AI to find ONE.

And it’s not just tiny start-ups using Quantum AI.

IBM has already partnered with Moderna, Teva, and Pfizer to apply their quantum technology to drug research.

Merck and Biogen are working with quantum computing start-ups, too.

And NovoNordisk is investing $200 million to develop propriety quantum drug development technology.

Because they know a single breakthrough …

For just ONE disease …

Could not only be worth billions ...

It could make them the next trillion-dollar tech giant.

And send the company’s stock soaring 5, 10, even 20 times.

Just like Sage Therapeutics …

Bluebird Bio…

Or Gilead.

But Quantum AI won’t just benefit drug companies…
It will transform ALL of medtech.

Take the gene-editing treatment, CRISPR.

Right now it works like a pair of scissors, letting doctors “cut out” bad genes.

That’s great news if you’re at risk of genetic diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s.

But if you already have them—you’re out of luck.

Which is why CRISPR 2.0 is so important.

Because instead of working like scissors …

CRISPR 2.0 works like a pencil and eraser.

So it not only lets doctors get rid of bad genes…

But insert “good” ones.

So that if you have cancer, for instance  … 

Doctors could take out the genes that trigger tumors …

And put in good genes that kill them off.

In fact, in a recent study on women with advanced ovarian cancer …

A single CRISPR 2.0 treatment increased survival rates by 80%.

That’s unheard of.

Just like pharma…

Quantum AI could be a game-changer for CRISPR

There are 1,500 CRISPR 2.0 treatments under development right now.

9 out of 10 are in early-stage trials.

The average projected approval time is 9 years.

And the success rate is just 14%.

Quantum AI could help scientists pinpoint the treatments most likely to work …

And discard the duds.

Which could easily double or triple that success rate …

While cutting approval time in half.

That means dozens of life-saving treatments for incurable diseases …

From aggressive forms of cancer …

To Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s …

To diabetes and heart disease.

A working CRISPR treatment for any of those could save hundreds of thousands of lives…

Make the company that brings it to market billions…

And give early investors a shot to make 36,996%...

Just like the folks who got into Gilead at the right time.

But thanks to Quantum AI, those gains won’t take a decade.

They could happen in the next few years.

And you can get in on the action right now.

I’ll tell more about that in a moment.

But first, let’s take a quick look at another potential Quantum AI miracle.

That’s a graphene “tattoo.”

They’re used as an early warning system for everything from seizures to dementia.

But Quantum AI could take those tattoos to the next level.

By not only warning doctors of an impending seizure…

But by sending out a signal, customized to a patient’s brainwaves, that can actually stop it.

These “tattoos” could even help paralyzed patients walk again …

By using tiny pulses to bypass damaged nerves …

And restore function to paralyzed limbs.

3.4 million Americans suffer from seizure disorders.

Another 5.4 suffer from some form of paralysis.

And every single one of them could see a life-changing breakthrough in the next few years.

All thanks to Quantum AI.

Imagine what would happen if a drug company came up with game-changing cancer treatment  …

Or a CRISPR firm developed a cure for diabetes…

Or if a start-up created a device to help crippled patients walk again.

Not only would those breakthroughs save 100,000+ lives every year … 

And make millions of lives better …

The companies behind them would make billions.

And early investors could make 10, 20, even 50 times their money.

Those are the kind of opportunities I believe the Second Wave is about to create.

And I want to help you take advantage of them.

Because it’s not a question of if the Second Wave of AI is coming…

It’s when.

And from what you’ve seen today, you know it could happen in the next 12 months.

Or even sooner.

We’re lucky enough to be here, in the calm before the storm…

Just before it all kicks off.

While there’s a small window of opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Remember, the Second Wave of every Industrial Revolution is always exponentially bigger than the first.

And the opportunities can be life-changing. 

Just look at the last Second Wave.

$1,000 in Netflix would have grown to $145,000…

$1,000 in Tesla to $255,000 …

And $1,000 in Amazon would have grown to $1.6 million.

That’s the power of the Second Wave.

And right now, I’m going to tell you about three ways to profit.

Any one of these under-the-radar stocks
could be a 10-bagger … or better.

All three companies are at the forefront of Quantum AI.

And partnered with some of the biggest players in the sector.

Firms that could be on the verge of the next big medtech breakthrough.

Like AbbVie … Pfizer … Merck … BioGen…and more.

Last year, similar Quantum AI stocks went up 133% in 15 days…

496% in 10 weeks …

And 604% in 8 weeks.

But the plays I’m going to tell you about today could do much, much better.

One has solved the #1 challenge in Quantum AI with a simple, brilliant “killer app.”

Another provides the pick-and-shovel tool every quantum computing company needs (without it, quantum systems don’t work at all).

And the last is a triple-threat “sleeper stock” Wall Street is ignoring—for now.  

Any of these plays could go up 10, 20, even 50 times over when the Second Wave hits.

And you can get in right now, before they skyrocket.

Let’s start with …

My #1 Second Wave play

This first company has developed what could be the most powerful quantum computer on the planet.

And they just blew past a key milestone …

By doubling that quantum supercomputer’s power in just 30 days!

This firm is also perfectly positioned to grab a huge share of the medtech market.

Because it’s already partnered with pharma giants like AbbVie, BioNano, and Amgen.

If just one of them makes a single breakthrough thanks to Quantum AI ….

This little company will have biotech CEOs lining up, begging to take their money.

But that’s NOT why I love this stock.

You see, this company has solved the #1 problem in quantum computing:


Full-stack quantum AI systems can cost $10 million—or more. 

On top of that, those systems need custom-built data centers…

With state-of-the-art cooling systems …

Which can cost $20 million plus.  

$30 million is nothing to a company with $166 billion market cap, like Amgen.

But it closes the door to most start-ups…

The small, agile companies that can make the biggest breakthroughs.

But this small quantum player
has thrown the doors wide open.

You see, this firm doesn’t sell full-stack quantum systems (yet).

Instead, they provide cloud-based Quantum AI tools at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Tools that can be used with a normal PC, laptop, or tablet.

So this company can provide cutting-edge quantum tools to any medtech firm.

From start-ups … to fast-growing small caps … to giant blue chips like their partners BioNano, AbbVie, and Amgen.

So their potential market is massive. 

And it’s going to get a lot bigger: 

The biotech market alone is expected to grow from $1.3 trillion to $5.7 trillion over the next decade.

On top of that, the cloud-services model is a proven winner.

For example, Amazon Web Services brings in two-thirds of Amazon’s profits!

But unlike Amazon, this company doesn’t have to pay for massive data centers.

Or the huge electric bills to run them.

Because they use Amazon, Google, and Microsoft’s cloud instead.

Which means this tiny quantum player’s overhead costs are rock-bottom.

And management has plenty of skin in the game:

Company insiders own 68% of all shares.

Other tech insiders love the stock too.

Including Bill Gates … Michael Dell … and Mark Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.

Not to mention BlackRock, which owns more than 12 million shares.

But the company isn’t putting all its eggs in one basket.

In addition to AbbVie, Amgen, and BioNano…

The company is working with Hyundai to create a new type of battery that could revolutionize the EV market…

And helping Goldman Sachs create and test advanced trading systems.

Which means…

This firm could profit from THREE different sectors as Quantum AI takes off.

All of that adds up to some serious profit potential.

But it gets better.

The company just announced its first enterprise-class quantum systems…

And plans to begin delivery this year.

Unlike their competitors, these quantum computers are “plug and play.”.

They’re designed to fit into a customer’s existing data centers…

Exponentially increasing computing power at a fraction of the cost.

Which means this quantum upstart is about to expand far beyond the cloud …

And grab a huge share of the $191 billion enterprise-class hardware market.

With a dominant position in medtech …

A foothold in EV and financial services …

And the potential to be a major player in the AI hardware market …

It’s no wonder that …

4 analysts, including Morgan Stanley,
rate this stock a strong buy.

The consensus 12-month price target is 173%.

With a 5-year target of 380%.

But I think it could do much, much better.

Last year, the company doubled revenue…

And the stock shot up 468%.

The CEO expects revenue to double again this year.

And the company blew past Q1 revenue expectations …

So we could see a repeat of last year’s almost 470% gain.

And when Second Wave hits, like Dell’s CTO believes it will this year …

This tiny quantum firm could go up even more.

Because hundreds of companies will be clamoring for access to Quantum AI.

And this firm is ready to meet that demand.

With low-cost cloud access to their powerful quantum tools.

Tools already being used by AbbVie, BioNano, and Amgen…

Plus Hyundai and Goldman Sachs.

Along with their brand-new enterprise-class “plug and play” quantum systems.

Just like Nvidia’s GPUs made it the dominant force in the First Wave of AI…

I believe this firm’s quantum tools could make it …

The dominant player in the Second Wave of AI

But since the Second Wave is always exponentially bigger than the First…

This quantum company could make Nvidia’s 759% gains look TINY.

And right now, you can get in for under $100.

I’ll give you all the details in my new report, Quantum AI: 3 Stocks that will Drive the Second Wave of the AI Revolution.

You get a complete breakdown of this opportunity.

Including all of my in-depth research.

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At the end of the day, I only care about one thing:

Can this stock make us money?

If my research says the answer is “Yes” … I’m buying it, no matter what sector it’s in.

It might be an AI play like Palantir, which gave members a shot to make 185% in 10 months …

A pick-and-shovel trade like Intelsat, up 339% in 4 months…

Or a biotech like Viking Therapeutics, up 309% in 14 months.

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Here’s a real trade we just closed

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Every $1,000 would have grown to $2,263.

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Turning every $1,000 into $2147.

That’s a total payout of $7,505 from just three trades!

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A $5,000 stake in each play would have turned into $37,525.

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All closed out in a single week!

And those are just a few examples.

Over the last 6 years, 3 out of 4
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124% on DraftKings …

129.8% on Axon …

202% on Scotts …

213% on Palantir …

399% on Intellisat …

463% on Immunogen …

And a whole bunch more.

That’s what can happen when you pick the right play … in the right sector … just as a mega-trend strikes.

And the Second Wave of AI will be the biggest mega-trend in history…

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Remember, in every Industrial Revolution …

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The Second Wave Pick-and-Shovel Play
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From the Gold Rush of 1849 …

To the shale oil boom of the 2010s … 

And the First Wave of AI …

Pick-and-shovel plays have offered investors a shot to make huge gains. 

And Quantum AI is no different.

Which is why I’m going to share my #1 pick-and-shovel play in this new report.

This company makes the one thing every quantum computer on the planet needs.


You see, quantum computers only work at extremely cold temperatures.  

And I mean COLD. 

About 459 degrees below zero.  

And that temperature needs to be perfectly maintained, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As you can probably guess, that’s not easy to do.

So any company that can provide top-quality cooling rigs …

Specifically designed for quantum computers…

Will be in the perfect position when the Second Wave hits.

Because the demand for quantum AI systems will explode.

Just like the demand for AI did the first time around.

And companies that provide critical hardware …

The “picks and shovels” of Quantum AI …

Can make investors a fortune.

My research points to ONE firm
set to dominate this sector

They’re the premier manufacturer of quantum cooling systems. 

That alone would put them at the top of my list.

But this company isn’t a one-trick pony.

It just released its own quantum chip, giving it a shot to grab part of what’s expected to be a $50 billion market.

On top of that, the firm makes specialized testing equipment used for quantum chip development. 

So it has an established base of loyal customers for quantum cryogenics …

Plus two more ways to profit from the Second Wave.

This company also has rock-solid fundamentals.

In 2023, it broke all-time revenue records. 

And this year, earnings are up 350%.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise the stock recently tripled.

But I think it could go up even more.

Remember, this company is the #1 provider of hardware every quantum computer needs.

So when the Second Wave hits and demand explodes …

This company could see revenue skyrocket…
And share prices soar.

Just like AI hardware maker SuperMicro did during the First Wave of AI.

The firm’s new quantum chip could also make it a dominant force in the AI data center market.

And its long-established chip testing systems make it a key provider for every quantum computing firm. 

Which gives this pick-and-shovel play three different ways to profit from the Second Wave of AI.

When that Wave hits, and revenue explodes …

Valuation could go from $3 billion … to $10 billion … to $100 billion or more.

In fact, if everything works out like I think it will…

This firm could be the next trillion-dollar AI juggernaut.

But even if it “only” hits $100 billion in valuation…

That could send the stock up 10, 20, even 30 times over in the next few years.

Enough to turn $1,000 into $10,000 … $20,000 … even $30,000 or more.

And you’ll get all the details when you claim your risk-free trial of Behind the Markets.

Plus you’ll get a SECOND bonus stock
on my triple-threat AI “sleeper play”

It’s about a company you’d probably never expect.  

Experts predicted its demise just a few years ago. But like usual, the “experts” were dead wrong. 

Because this company has quietly become a triple threat to dominate AI as the First Wave winds down …

And again as the Second Wave picks up steam. 

The firm’s conventional AI chips match Nvidia’s flagship H100 GPU. 

But they’re much cheaper. 

And while Nvidia has a 52-week backlog on new orders … 

This firm’s AI chips are available right away.

The combination of power … low cost … and quick availability doubled orders in just three months.

And helped the stock double, too.

But that’s just for starters.

This overlooked quantum company is leading the charge in the consumer-level AI market.

Sales of AI-enabled PCs are expected to grow 50% per year for the next five years.

And the market for the AI chips powering those computers will grow to $300 billion a year.

An increase of 1,286%.

Their first-gen AI chips are already in 50 laptop designs.

The second generation will power more than 230 AI PCs made by Dell, Google, Lenovo, Samsung, and others.

The last PC boom drove this company’s stock up 1,748%.

If it just maintains its current market share as the AI PC market booms … 

Revenue could hit $237 billion a year. 

A roughly four and a half times gain.

That could easily push share prices up as much as the last boom … or more. 

But it gets even better.

This “stodgy” old company is also at the forefront of Quantum AI.

The firm just released a groundbreaking quantum chip.

It can be networked with up to 25 other quantum chips on a tiny silicon wafer…

Bringing total computing power to 4,000 qubits.

Enough to run calculations on every atom in the known universe.

And unlike most quantum chips, which are made from rare metals like niobium…

This quantum chip is made from silicon.

Which has two massive advantages.

First, silicon works at higher temperatures, well above absolute zero.

That could dramatically reduce energy costs…

Making these quantum chips far cheaper to use.

Silicon also fast-tracks mass production.

This company has decades of experience making traditional silicon chips.

So instead of having to spend billions developing a scalable manufacturing process for rare metal chips … 

They can use their existing facilities… 

And leverage decades of manufacturing expertise … 

To get their quantum chips to market earlier than competitors…

And quickly scale production to dominate the $25.6 trillion Quantum AI market.

So this company could have strong positions in three booming markets.

Even a modest share of each one could 10X revenue. 

When that happened to Nvidia, shares went up 3,862%.

If this sleeper stock’s revenue goes up 10 times, like I think it will …

Early investors could get a shot at the same kind of windfall.

A chance to turn $1,000 into $38,620 … 

$5,000 into $193,000…

$10,000 into more than $386,000 …

But thanks to the sheer power of the Second Wave …

The gains from this under-the-radar triple threat could come even faster.

And the crazy thing is, the stock is still dirt cheap.

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You’ll get all the details on this triple-threat sleeper stock … 

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